Malta Valley, Gmünd, Reißeck


Tuesday 20. August 2019: Hallein/Salzburg - Malta Hochalmstraße - Kölnbrein Reservoir and Dam (alt 1985 m): 148 km - some defying clouds but weather not as bad as predicted. At the Kölnbrein Dam 19ºC

We went to a copy shop and the post office to sebd the package with the binoculars to Swarovski. Drive to Maltatal/Malta Valley with a stop at a gas station where we put 75 € (this is the minimum!) on our Go Box. At this station near Radstadt there was a small fashion outlet where Julia spent an hour and found a pair of pants. After driving through the Katschberg-Tunnel we drove into the Malta Valley (20 € per car) and settled at the Kölnbrein Stübl. Walk to the main building in the hope to get the 17:00 tour, but they only do tours until 16:00. Walk on the dam up to the "airway" and back to our camper. N47º4'56" E 13º20'28"


Wednesday 21. August 2019: Maltatal/Kölnbrein Reservoir and Dam: windy 17ºC, some sunshine, rain at 16:15 and 14ºC

At 10:00 we had a tour into the dam (7,50/pax, 1 hour) Volker walked up to the Kattowitzer Hütte (700 ascent, 12km, 6 hours, 2321 m, strenuous), Julia walked along the reservoir until she reached the Kleinelendtal and back (7,8 km, 1,5 hours).


Thursday 22. August 2019: Maltatal/Kölnbrein Reservoir/Dam - Gmünd in Kärnten - Trettan/Kolbnitz Tratten/Reißeck (610 m): 57 km, cloudy/misty up at the Kölnbrei and sunny warm down in Gmund and then at the Kreuzeck Panoramic cable car

Drive to Gmünd, a charming little town where Volker bought me nice ear rings from a jewellery that was closing down definitely. After buying the Kärnten Card for 2 weeks (59€) including many attractions, cable cars etc. we visited the Wiliam Turner exhibition in the main tower in Gmünd in Kärnten (it would have cost 9 €/pax! but is included in our card) We had lunch at the Gasthof Kohlmayr (very good 30€). Coffee at Café Piccolo (6,90€) and drive to the Kreuzeck Panoramic cable car in Tratten/Kolbnitz (would have cost 11€ return). We took one at 15:30 and spent almost all our time in the café at the top because there was animation with accordion music. A short walk to the reservoir and back with the last train down at 17:00. We stayed here overnight but did a short walk through the village before finishing our day. N46º52'15" E13º18'34"