Friday 30 August 2019: Villach - Klagenfurt (alt 443 m): 55 km, very warm 28ºC

Drive to Rosegg where we had free entry with our Kärnten Card to the Tierpark Rosegg (Animal Park). It is a very pleasant place to go, not only for the animals but also for the beautiful trees and rocks, the historic castle hill and a labyrinth (where we didn't go). After lunch at our parking space (very quiet and green, actually also nice for overnight) drive to Pyramidenkogel, a 100 m wooden observation, the highest tower in the world with the highest spiral slide in Europe. After settling down at the Messegelände in Klagenfurt we went to a Magic Show at the VolXhaus, with Jack Black, Magic Wladimir, Gerhard Lattacher and Engelbert (very very good, 23€/pax). We walked to it and back. N46º37'7" E14º18'24".


Saturday 31 August 2019: Klagenfurt: 30ºC - sunny and hot

Walk to the historic town centre. Julia got stuck at an Indian shop where she bought some 8 things while Volker waited with a coffee at the Saturday Benedikten-Market at Haus am Markt. We went to the Information Centre and followed the self interpretive walking tour #1 "Discovering arcaded courtyards and arcades" where we discovered the nice Münchner Hofbräuhaus. Visit of the Renaissance Landhaus (= state parliament, free with our Card), Neuen and Alten Platz. Lunch at the Münchner Hofbräuhaus (very good, huge portions so we took a doggy bag home with lots of meat). Julia went for further shopping and bought two dresses. Home with Tier Electric scooter (1€ per rent + 0,15€/minute). Back home we decided to take these scooters to go to the old channel and then to the Kärntner Botanikzentrum, a small botanical garden (free). Back home walking with a stop at the café "La Pared". Volker went to the Ice Hockey Champion's League game EC-KAC Klagenfurt versus Frisk Asker (Norway) next door to our aire at the Stadthalle Klagenfurt Eis-Sportzentrum Klagenfurt (25€, Sektor A6, Untergeschoss, Reihe 3, Platz 14, Klagenfurt won 3:0).


Sunday 1 September 2019: Klagenfurt - Wörthersee (alt 412 m):  km, very hot 32ºC in the afternoon, in the evening windy, sunny and colder with some rain

Drive to Camping Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (30 €/night with now mid-season price since 28 August 2019). We also bought a 3-day ticket (5 €/pax) for the Strandbad Klagenfurt. After lunch at the restaurant Strandbad 20 (30 €) we went for a delicioys swim in the lake (25ºC). To finish the day in more happiness, Julia was lucky to get a massage at Daniela's (28 € for 25 minutes).


Monday 2 September 2019: Camping Klagenfurt am Wörthersee: cloudy and uncertain

Volker tried to do a bicycle tour but came back after 8 km, it was too much with the rain. We went instead to the Planetarium (1 presentation free of charge) where we saw 2 presentations, one from 12:00 to 13:00 "Beginning of the universe until Homo Sapiens" transposed in one year's tiand the me (very interesting). The second was about the distance of the stars and the Milky Way (we paid 6€/each for that one). Back home we had lunch then decided to take advantage of the 3 washing machines AND 3 dryers that are here at the camping (3,5€ in 0,50€ coins for each machine, we spent 4 x 3,50€). This time, the laundry was easily done. In the meantime we played and watched the first 2 episodes of Wild Wild Country.


Tuesday 3 September 2019: Wörthersee: showers and thunderstorms, 22ºC

Volker went for the bike tour around the lake (44 km, 2,5 hours) and Julia walked to Prötschach Wenzer (11 km, 2,5 hours). We both met on the way, Julia took the ferry back to Klagenfurt Strandbad (7 €). Volker could have come along with his bicycle but we didn't know they accept bicycles on the ferry. The ferry journey was a little over an hour and very nice. Lunch with fresh grilled trouts Julia bought in Poetschach. Then long swim at the lake, delicious! After our shower we went for a minigolf game right next door to our camping (5,90€/pax). Volker won and we had a drink at the bar (used a 1,50€ voucher, so we only paid 2,10€ for a gespritzten Weisswein and a large gespritzten most).


Wednesday 4 September 2019: Wörthersee - Magdalensberg - Burg Hochosterwitz (alt 603 m): 48 km, beautiful sunny weather, 23ºC

We parked our camper van at the parking in front of the Sea Seebad Klagenfurt (free of charge) after leaving the camping site. We took the first boat to Pörtschach (7€/each, ticket can be used all day, and yes, bicycles can be taken along for 5€). Back home we drove to Magdalensberg, a Celtic/Roman site, pretty large (free with our Kärnten Card, our last day today). Drive to the medieval castle Burg Hochosterwitz and had an early dinner at Gasthaus Tatzer (37,80 €) after trying to get something to eat before at the Buschenschank Brunnerhof. Overnight at the parking of the castle. N46º45'19" E14º27'13"


Thursday 5 September 2019: Burg Hochosterwitz - Klagenfurt (Iveco) - Klippitztörl (alt 1648 m): 112 km, nice sunny day 23ºC

We were the first castle visitors this morning (15 €/pax without the lift, which would be more 9€). On recommendation of our travel book we walked an easy path up passing through 14 gate towers on the path up to the final bastion. These were built between 1570 and 1586 by its former owner, Georg Khevenhüller, to ward off invading Turks. After that we drove to IVECO Klagenfurt (Südring 244) and arrived an hour early so we had a soup for lunch waiting until 13:00. We were immediately taken care of and Volker already did an appointment to have some parts exchanged when he will drive back from Vienna. We drove up to the Klippitztörl parking near the Gasthaus/Naturfreundehaus (?). N46º56'10" E14º40'26"




Klagenfurt am Wörthersee