Orth an der Donau - Canuntum Roman City

Friday 20 September 2019: Vienna - Nationalpark Donau Auen - Orth an der Donau (alt 150 m): 43 km, sunny, cold 19ºC

After managing to get LPG for our gas tank, we stopped at a DM market where Julia spent at least an hour shopping for a lot of crap. Drive to the National Park Donau Auen. We took a guided tour with a good guide, Mr. Markus Pausch, who explained us everything about the vast ribbon of greenery looping along the Danube from the fringes of Vienna to the Slovakian border. This tous is mostly suitable for children (9 €/pax ST). We walked around the Schloss-Insel where you can see the fishes Drive to the Danube where we took a drink (Volker also Weißwürstel) at the Nationalpark Café Restaurant "Struden" (15 €). Julia became quite ill this evening. Overnight at the large parking area N48º7'25" E16º42'55"


Saturday 21 September 2019: Orth an der Donau - Deutsch Jahrndorf (alt 350 m): 52 km, nice weather 19ºC but very windy

While Julia rested at home, Volker did two walks through the woods in the Donau Auen (10,5 km, 3 hours). Drive to Deutsch Jahrndorf where we settled at the private aire (by donation, drinking water and dumping station incl.). N48º0'29" E17º6'38"


* * * * * *  On our way from Frauenkirchen (Neusiedler See) to the airport:


Thursday 26 September 2019: Frauenkirchen St. Martins Therme - Carnuntum-Petronell - Volker to Klagenfurt, Julia back home VIE-FAO: lovely weather 22ºC

On our way to the airport, we did a 25' deviation to the Roman city Carnuntum, which has been reconstructed in the ways it was before. Drive to the airport where Julia sprang out of the camper and took the flight OE2364 (Laudamotion) at 15:00-17:30. Flight 1 hour delayed.