Klippitztörl - Judenburg - AirPower Zeltweg - Murinsel CG - Knittelfeld https://youtu.be/LZms_umsgE4


Friday 6 September 2019: Klippitztörl - Judenburg (alt 744 m): 60 km, fog, rain and rain 7º-12ºC

Foggy hike (although weather seamed bad already) Klippitztörl-Runde (9,5 km, 3h20' hours, 380 m ascent). There were 3 Jausen-Stationen on our way and we stopped at 2 of the: Grüne Hütte (very good Topfenstrudel) and Hohenwart-Hütte. We decided to skip Wolfsberg and all the higher mountains because of the weather. So we drove to Judenburg, to the Arena shopping, actually to a DM droguerie where Julia spent over an hour! Drive to the AquaLux Therme Fohnsdorf (13,50 for 2 hours, senior tariff ;). We watched the Air Power from our camper van and then went to the Therm. Julia enjoys a lot the saunas. Overnight on the parking of the Fohnsdorf Therme east of Judenburg. N47º11'40" E14º40'29"


Saturday 7 September 2019: Judenburg - Air Base Zeltweg Air Power 2019:  awful weather!, 18ºC

At 7:30 we drove to the parking where we could leave our camper van (10€ with overnight). We walked 15 minutes to the air base (free of charge). We bought a second foldable chair to be able to sit and watch the performances. It started to rain really bad, and the programme had to be changed all the time, so some flights were delayed, other things were shown to keep people busy. At one point, it started to rain heavily again, so we walked back to our camper, but walked back to the show later when the sun shone for an hour or so. We had a delicious dinner at the M-Raststätte which had their petrol station reserved for the Airpower visitors (20 €). Overnight at the parking N47º11'40" E14º43'16" - Video with the highlights of the Airpower 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axgbgeUOXr8 and https://youtu.be/LZms_umsgE4


Sunday 8 September 2019: Zeltweg - Großlobming/Knittelfeld Camping Murinsel (alt 570 m): 11 km, rain, rain, rain 17ºC

Drive to Camping Murinsel (very nice place, 51,50€ for the 2 nights incl. electricity) some laundry. Rest of the day trying went like nothing. We spent most of the day inside our camper van. N47º11'40" E14º48'11"


Monday 9 September 2019: Camping Murinsel: mostly cloudy and cold 17ºC

Volker tried to repair our roof window -hard work and pretty frustrating because some material we got from the repair guy wasn't enough :(. One more washing machine today (3€ for washing machine an 2,5 € for dryer, to be paid at the check-out, very trusting). The same for the bread. You choose whatever you want and put the money in a basket. After 2 delicious pizzas from Matteos kiosk coming to this camping every Monday when the restaurant is closed we took our bicycles and drove to Knittelfeld where Volker gave his iPhone to a shop where the guy will try to repair it until tomorrow 16:00. We bought some "most" and walked around town.


Tuesday 10 September 2019: Camping Murinsel - Wipfel-Wanderweg Rachau - Mautern (alt 720 m): 67  km - nice sunny day 21ºC

Julia didn't spend a good night and made an appointment with a Shiatsu specialist who advertised in our campground (Viktoria Kozar, +43 (0) 650 810 93 40). But before that we drove to the Wipfel-Wanderweg Rachau (9,50 €/pax): it's Europe's highest treetop hiking trail and at 2.7 km, probably one of the longest! There are a total of 1300 steps. There are loads of steps - one stretch is 148 - so if you are not feeling fit or suffer from vertigo - take the path which is equally spectacular. There are a number of look out points and numerous benches along the way so even though the climb is steep in places it is not too tiring. Children are well catered for and there are lots of creative things for them to do and look out for - insect hotel, natural log xylophone etc. as well as loads of information boards about nature and wildlife. At the end of the treetop section there is a wonderful slide for kids - and some adults - and a great play area with more fantastic views. Lunch at the restaurant "Fuchs und Henne" (24€, nice location, food ok). Drive to the Shiatsu specialist where Julia had an hour treatment (50€ + 35€ for natural tablets Ringana, url: 1515841.ringana.com). Julia is feeling much better now. In the meantime Volker drove to our campground to pay the money for the washing machine and the dryer we forgot to tell them: 11 €). Drive to Knittelfeld to see what the mobile phone guy had been able to do, but he said it was broken. He had cleaned and verified everything, but the main board was dead -too wet. By chance the Handy Shop had a new iPhone SE (249 €) and now Volker is happy. Drink and ice cream at the La Dolce Vita Eiscafé. While Volker was uploading all the stuff from iCloud, Julia did grocery shopping next door at Billa. Drive to Mautern to the Wilde Berge, but they are closed right now. Overnight at their parking, very quiet and lovely dark. N47º23'52" E14º48'58"