T Y R O L Tannheimer Tal - Grän
Lechtal - Reutte
Fantastic Swarovski World in Watten near Innsbruck The "Upside Down House" in Pill Achensee and Ledererhof/Ebbs/Kuftstein/Kitzbühel


Saturday 27.07.2019: Oberstdorf - Grän/Tannheimer Tal (alt 1.138 m): 50 km, sunny and finally coooool weather 26ºC

Julia went to see Lilo and Klaus again and do some shopping at Müller Droguerie. In the meantime Volker finished preparing our camper to leave and he picked me up in front of the drug store. We continued north to Sonthofen then to Bad Hindelang and finally to Grän where we settled at the Confort Camp for 5 nights (about 45€/night with electricity by kWh, with indoor swimming pool included, saunas, massage extra). We went for a walk down to Grän and up again to the Burgschenke where we had a drink before going home. GPS N47º30'32" E10º33'21".


Sunday 28.07.2019: Grän/Tannheimer Tal: 22ºC cloudy, rain at 15:30

After our Sunday breakfast we took the bus 120 at 10:19 and went down to Tannheim and walked to the Vilsalpsee (about 1 hour, 5 km). Lunch at the Fischerhütte (their speciality is delicious fresh smoked trout, very good 43 €). Back to Tannheim bus 121 (3,60€/pax). Then bus 120 up to Kohlbichl (fare included in our tourist tax card). We were lucky not have rain while away. We went for a swim at the Campsite Panorama Pool and short after the rain started!


Monday 29.07.2019: Grän: 22ºC - cloudy and fog

Volker and Julia went up with the Füssener Jöchle cable car (included in our tourist card, 1 time up and down per day) to Sonnenalm where Volker hiked the Gräner Höhenweg to the Bad Kissinger Hütte (10 km, 3 hours 960m descent). Julia went a bit up to the Panorama turning hat and came back. She had a coffee and enjoyed free WiFi at the Sonnenalm with a cup of coffee. She then took the cable car back down while Volker did the hike. Unfortunately today the weather is strange, clouds are coming and going, always hiding the view.


Tuesday 30.07.2019: Grän: pretty cloudy 26ºC

While Volker hit the bicycle trail Gräns through the Vilstal to Pfronten and back (35 km, 2 hours, 400 m ascent) Julia did the laundry (4€/load and 3€ dryer/load). Lunch at the Campsite restaurant "zum Achtalwirt" (35 €). After lunch we rode with our bicycles to Tannheim and took the Neunerköpfle cable car up to Neunerköpfle (1864 m). Walk up to the peak, saw a rescue helicopter land in a difficult place with grace and back at 16:15 with one of the last cable car rides. Julia took the bus with her bicycle (everything included in the tourist card) while Volker rode back by bicycle. We had artichokes for dinner (they took incredibly long to cook!).


Wednesday 31.07.2019: Grän - excursion to Reutte - Grän: rain and fog, in the afternoon better, even some sun, 18 ºC

This morning it was raining, so we took the bus 120 to Reutte (also included in our card) and had lunch at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant (although we ordered Thai food, which was very good, by the way 36€). Walk through the town and back at 15:10 with the same bus. In the evening there was a concert by the Musikkappelle Grän at the open air Musikpavillon here in our village Grän.


Thursday 01.08.2019: Grän - Reutte - Heiterwang (alt 987 m) : 39 km, sun with some clouds 23 ºC

We wanted to go up the cable car Füsslener Jöchle to be able to see what we couldn't 3 days ago because the view was bad from up there with the clouds and the fog. So we drove to the cable car station and went up for free with our tourist card. But this time, weather up there was even worse, with clouds covering the whole northern side. Only the  western valley was visible. So 10 minutes later we took the cable car back and drove to the highline 179, the longest Tibetian-stylefoot bridge in Reutte: it is 406 m long and hangs 113 m up the national road -it's also in the Book of Records as the longest foot bridge in Europa. (parking fee: 4€ from 9 to 20:00h) We also visited the Ehrenberg Fort and took the inclined lift Ehrenberg Liner that brings you the 110 m up to the portal of the spectacular suspension bridge. At about 16:00 we settled at the "Sunnawirt" near the Heiterwanger Lake (11€ + 3€ electricity that we didn't book, no dogs allowed, if they find out you have a dog, you pay 80€ fine. Anyway, strange person at the reception). Nice evening spent outside grilling. 1,5 hours phone call with our daughter! N


Friday 02.08.2019: Heiterwang (near Reutte) - Schwaz bei Innsbruck (alt 480 m): 116 km, 20 ºC rain

A walk to and around the Heiterwanger Lake was our first activity this morning. We were lucky to be back home before the big rain started! After lunch we drove to Innsbruck to the Swarowski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds 19€/pax), a special well done exhibition and a good sorted shop. We bought light binoculars 8x25 that were probably way too expensive (710€), because we were brought to the VIP Lounge, we could drink whatever we wanted and Julia got a 3-year membership free of charge + 1 entrance free. The company is well managed and comprises large grounds with different art exhibitions, special effects etc. Because it was raining we weren't able to see the whole area. Overnight at a Schwatz parking with special camper spaces (free of charge during the night). N47º20'47" E 11º42'16".


Saturday 03.08.2019: Schwaz - Achenkirch (alt 929 m): 51 km, rainy but ok while we were at the Swarovski Park

Drive to the "Haus steht Kopf" (= House upside down, 11 €/senior, 13 €/normal adult) in Pill where we were the first clients (opens at 9:00 in July and August). Then we decided to visit the Kristallwelten again, as yesterday it was not possible to see the outdoor performances of "Summer in the Giant" because of the heavy rains. We were lucky to see amazing performances by Freddy Nock tightrope walker, a nice magician Thomas (normally with his wife assistant, but today she was ill), a woman contortionist and a hula hoop performer who is also a woman and contortionist). We spent almost 4 hours enjoying the great things. Drive to Achenkirch on a steep road that leads to the Achensee (Achen Lake). We settled at the Alpen Caravanpark Achensee. Short walk to a snack where we had a local beer before going home under the threat of more rain.  N47º29'57" E11º42'22"


Sunday 04.08.2019: Achensee: 23ºC.

Volker made a hike to the Hochplatte, starting in the valley. Around 13.5 km, 920 m up and down. Julia went for an easy walk towards the Schrambachalm to have some exercise today. This was a pretty relaxing day with nice weather.


Monday 05.08.2019: Achenkirch - Ledererwirt in Ebbs/Kuftstein (alt 620 m): 72  km, first light rain then beautiful weather 23ºC

Drive to Ledererwirt where we met Elke and Rudi. We drove to the Restaurant Schöne Aussicht and walked up to the Burger Alm where we had a light lunch, then at Wandberghütte where we had Kaiserschmarrn. Over the Karspitze (or almost) we walked down (10,9 km, 6 hours, 560 m ascent). Back home we had a drink before taking a shower and having an excellent dinner. N47º38º26" E12º15'21"


Tuesday 06.08.2019: Achenkirch - Ebbs: heavy showers in the morning then later beautiful weather 23ºC

Breakfast at the hotel. We drove to Kufstein to the Kaiser lift. It is just a one person sitting cable car and it's very loooong! It was raining and we were completely wet when we arrived on top of the second cable car. First thing we went to the Weinbergerhaus Alm and had a hot coffee -very good. Julia decided to go back down whereas all other three went to the Kaindlhütte. Then Walla-Alm and then back to Kufstein. In the meantime Julia went to the sports shop Hervis and warmed herself, bought a pair of socks then went to have lunch. The weather got better and Julia went to visit the fort Festung Kufstein (normally 12€/pax but with the guest card free of charge). Then Julia went back to the parking lot where we had parked and 10 minutes later we were all together.


Wednesday 07.08.2019: Ebbs - Kiefersfelden (alt 45o m): 36 km, rainy 23 ºC

Bye bye, Ledererhof, Elke and Rudi. Unfortunately we didn't come very far, because we have a problem with water coming in from the roof window on top of the kitchen. So we managed to find someone in Itten near Wörgl. We found a good aire with electricity (8 € + 1€/2 kWh) and settled there. Julia went shopping at Rewe while Volker tried to tape the window. In the afternoon we went to innsola Kiefersfelden (18,90 € for both with sauna for Julia and some discount with the guest card). N47º36'40" E12º11'31".


Thursday 08.08.2019: Kiefersfelden - Itten - Kitzbühel - Neukirchen/Scheffau/Friedburg (alt 965 m) : 103 km, finally good weather 25 ºC

First stop this morning was at Itten where a very nice repair guy told us that we can repair it by ourself. Then he gave us all the material we will need for it (15 €). Drive to Kitzbühel where we parked at the parking in town center (4,30 € for 1h15). Walk through the old town very well preserved. After this we said goodbye to Tyrol and drove into Salzburger Land to Neukirchen. We chose the Gasthof Friedburg with its nice view over the valley (10 € parking, 3 €  electricity, with a consumption in the restaurant discount of 5 €) So we had lunch (30 € with the discount) at the restaurant. In the afternoon we went up the hiking trail to the Friedburg (1 hour, 220 m ascent, 1,7 km). N47º14'21"E 12º14'28".