Monday 16 September 2019: Gumpoldskirchen - Vienna (alt 205 m): 35 km, sunny-cloudy weather warm 25ºC

Drive to Vienna. Settled at the Reisemobil-Stellplatz Vienna (22 €/nigh incl. electricity). Lunch at Wok nearby (very good and cheap 9€/pax + drinks). With the metro U6 and U1 to Schloss Schönbrunn (16 €/pax for shorter the imperial tour with audio guide). Metro to Karlsplatz where we had a good coffee (but this is pretty expensive in Vienna: about 5€ for a cappuccino or similar). then we walked through the pedestrian road to the information centre. We bought tickets for Thursday to see "A Streetcar Named Desire" at the Volksbühne and walked to Stefansplatz where we took the underground U1+U6+ (after trying to get a refund at Interspar) 64a back home. N48º8'8" E16º18'56"


Tuesday 17 September 2019: Vienna: cloudy, sometimes cold and drizzle rain, 20ºC

Self-interpretive walking tour through old town Vienna. Wonderful lunch at the Restaurant Griechenbeisl dating from 1447 and frequented by Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Strauss among other luminaries, Vienna’s oldest restaurant has vaulted rooms, wood panelling and a figure of Augustin trapped at the bottom o a well inside the front door. Its warren of rooms include the oldest section where we were: the Zither Stüberl, and the Mark Twain Zimmer, inscribed with the autographs of many people (63 €). After we walked out we had slight rain and it got cold, we walked to the Ankeruhr and then had a coffee at the Manufactum. Metro to Prater where we boarded the famous Riesenrad, the huge ferris wheel that was built in 1897 by Englishman Walter Basset rises to 65 m! At the Windobona (indoor skydiving) we had the chance to watch a pro doing fantastic acrobatics, going up and down with the wind at 260 km/h! We went to the Volksoper and tried to get 2 seats for "Cabaret" tonight, but there was NONE anymore.


Wednesday 18 September 2019: Vienna: beautiful sunny day, 18ºC icy wind, really not very warm today

Metro U6+U4  to the Haus der Musik (Sound Museum, 9 €/senior), Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Museum. It's an interactive experimental museum in the historic city centre. Mostly funny is the virtual conductor where you choose a piece of music and you conduct the orchestra. The musicians kind of obey you and praise you with applause if you did well, But if you fail, the orchestra will give you the thumbs-down (I did both ways ;o). Lunch at Vapiano (very good, 22 €) and then we went with the metro U4 to the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (we bought yesterday a combined ticket for the Vienna Riesenrad and the Tiergarten (25 €/pax). We actually spent the whole time going from one feeding to another: anteater, cheetah, seals and koala. Coffee in between to keep up, back with U4+U6 at 17:30 pretty tired.


Thursday 19 September 2019: Vienna: sunny day but cold wind and only 17ºC

Julia went on her own and successfully shopping at the Riverside Shopping in Liesing (bus 64a). Lunch at Wok; Julia had the tepanyaki option 11€, Volker the buffet (9€ + drink 3,50€), which has plenty of goodies too. Later on we went to the Donauinsel (Danube isle), walk to Sunken City and over the floating bridge over the "New Danube". Pretty much everything was closed, so we took the metro into town to Volkstheater. We had a drink at the Centimeter Restaurant (looks quite nice to have a meal here, 8 €) before having a drink at the Rote Bar in our Volkstheater. We saw the piece "A Streetcar Named Desire" (German version 50€/pax + 11€ commission as we bought it before at a private ticket counter at the Information Centre). Back with the metro as usual.