Sunday 14.05.2017: Viñales - Cienfuegos: 450 km, 31ºC hot

Drive to Cienfuegos with a stop at a simple snack bar for a sandwich lunch. Hotel La Unión (room 101 & 105). Visit of the municipality museum, which was a Spanish Casino until the revolution (2 CUC/pax). The man of the museum showed with delight all the things that were originally in there. Back the hotel we had dinner (included in our package), but the food was mostly not good (only Volker's shrimps were good). After we went up to the terrace of our hotel and had a drink with Cuban music.


Monday 15.05.2017: Cienfuegos: 42 km hot, in the afternoon rain and cooler 26ºC

Volker and Julia drove to the Punta Gorda park where we saw a snorkeler fishing for lobster. Then we drove to the Jardin Botánico de Cienfuegos which houses 2000 species of plants and is not cleaned like others that we know. Lunch at the restaurant of the Jardin Botánico -very nice and good-. The lady owner does ashtrays from used soft drink cans. We also got delicious bananas from them. It started to rain and it got cooler, really nice. Drive to Rancho Luna, a beach resort 18 km south of Cienfuegos. We had a drink and swam in the warm water (maybe 31ºC from our expert feeling). After refreshing at the hotel, we drove to Punta Gorda where a man with his family, Bubi (José Luís) offered us rum and explained us what happened in the Sierra de Escambray Mountains in 1957. Dinner at the Drake Club restaurant (89 CUC), very good food on Calle 57, nº 5702 Esq. 10 at Playa Alegre (+53-58524560). This is the first night where we went earlier to bed.