Thursday 11.05.2017: Havana, good weather 30ºC

Our breakfast is on the 9th floor in retro style with a great variety of food, even 2 types of meat stews! Sightseeing of Havana Vieja with the Cathedral where Ulrich and Julia went up to the top of the tower (1 CUC/pax). Lunch at the Restaurant La Tipografia (an old print shop, 73 CUC), then coffee at the Plaza Vieja at La Bohemia. Back at the hotel we got a call from the hotel director, Mr. Geraldo who called Christian with his mobile phone, so we could talk to him. Relax at the hotel pool. Taxi in an old American car to Zona 23 of the Malecón (4 CUC). On recommendation of the driver we had an aperitif and dinner at El Litoral (good but unfortunately with the A/C it was too cold inside). Back walking along the American Consulate and just next to it the Anti-imperialistic monument. Then we took a taxi convertible Buick back to the hotel (10 CUC).