Tuesday 23.05.2017: Cayo Coco - Havana: 29ºC

Our transfer picked us up at 8:15 and our flight was at 10:50. Everything worked well out. Julia felt ill the whole day. We went for lunch at Sloppy Joe's (32 CUC, not so exciting for us European). While Julia and Volker stayed in the room, Stella and Ulrich went to the pool and had a coffee at the bar in the lobby with good music. After that all but Julia went to the Restaurant La Guarida (200 CUC, very good). Julia took a taxi to meet the family at the Hotel Nacional to watch the revue of the Cabaret Parisien (good show! -normally 65 CUC with dinner, but we were lucky to get invited by Christian and Ximena). We met with the director of the Hotel Nacional, Mr. Pedro. Back with taxi (as always 10 CUC).


Wednesday 24.05.2017: Havana - flight to Frankfurt

After breakfast we took a convertible old-timer with a driver during 2 hours who took us to most interesting sites of Havana (30 CUC per hour). Lunch with Ximena, Christian and Cristobal at the Polynesian Restaurant at the Habana Libre Tryp hotel (good roast chicken, 90 CUC). Stella and Julia took an "egg-taxi" back to the hotel (10 CUC) while our husbands walked the 3 km back. Chill out at the pool and shower in a courtesy room (nice service from Mr. Geraldo, director of the hotel -thanks to his friendship with Christian). Our transfer picked us up at 18:45 and we were very early at the airport. 2 hours spent at the VIP lounge and then flight DE2185.


Thursday 25.05.2017: Arrival in Frankfurt

Pickup rental car, drive to Ria & Adolf, next day Adolf’s 88th birthday. Back home on 28 May 2017 (flight with FR4160)