Chilling out in Fuseta

Camping Fuseta, very nice place to stay!

We had a wonderful time with Gerda from Austria. She was our neighbour on the camping.

The camping also has a good restaurant

Enjoying a bottle champagne (10 €, we expected worse for this money)

Main street and square in Fuseta where locals like to meet and have a coffee

The inner-beach at Fuseta

Friday 28.06.2019: Loulé - Fuseta (alt 7 m): 31 km - sunny and warm 28ºC

We left at about 15:00 and arrived in Fuseta 3/4 hour later. We worried about the Camping site in Fuseta but we were lucky to find a nice spot (15€/night with electricity). First thing was to have an ice cream at the campground restaurant, then we went for a walk and watched the house of Arte Nova from the outside that Sline was interested in. In the evening we had a champagne at one of the bars along the channel (10€, and it was bad at all!). N37º3'12" W7º44'40"


Saturday 29.06.2019: Fuseta : warm 25ºC

Julia went for a walked through the village and bought some things for our really cute grand-children at Pirulito. Volker in the meantime went to the Fuseta beach and had an organge juice at the Borda d'Água Café. Nice steaks grilled on our new BBQ were an excellent lunch. We gave a glass of wine to our new Austrian neighbour, Gerda Dreistler, a very nice young women whith whom we got friends with. Julia went for a screening walk to the Arraial Movidance where a group of young and older dancers made a procession. In the afternoon we had a good ice cream at Del Mar Caffè. In the evening we met Gerda and all had a caipirinha (3,50€/glas, and they were not bad at all).


Saturday 30.06.2019: Fuseta - Tavira - Ilha de Tavira: warm 25ºC

Bike tour to Tavira (16,8 km to Tavira, 4 Águas). A nice stop at Santa Lucia for a delicious fresh orange juice, then we rode into Tavira town. After a little walking tour, we rode to 4 Águas were we took the ferry over to Ilha de Tavira at 14:30. As we were too early we had a drink at one of the restaurants nearby. On Ilha de Tavira we had some sea food at the Dinoself (90 € for us 3). Gerda put her bikini on and went for a swim into the pretty warm sea. Unfortunately, Volker and I didn't take bathing suits along, so we just got up to the knees. Back with the ferry at 16:45 (arrived at 16:55 in 4 Águas), ride to the Tavira railway station where we took the train back to Fuseta A at 17:29 (1,65/pax with bycicles) and arrived at 17:50 in Fuseta. Relaxed evening outside.


Sunday 01.07.2019: Fuseta - Loulé : 31 km - sunny

Drive back home.