Portugal 2012

25.02.2012  Loulé – Olhão – Motorcaravan Site ARK in Gião/Areias/Moncarapacho

Drive to Olhão where we parked at the fisher’s harbour and went to the big Saturday’s market. This winter is so sunny and warm and Olhão was really full with people today. We decided to have lunch in one of the many fish restaurants on the main road and we had a very good meal at the Cervejaria Ria Formosa (23 €). At our neighbour’s table a very nice looking Cataplana was served, we saw that the restaurant calls himself “Rei das Cataplanas” (Kind of Cataplanas), so next time we will order a Cataplana (something like fish and seafood stew or soup). We then drove to Torre de Aires, close to the famous “O Fialho” Restaurant at Pinheiros and were again surprised that no motorcaravans are allowed to stay in that area. We had seen a sign of a “Caravanning Site” just ahead of the turn to Moncaparacho, so we followed it and came to a very nice place with many motorcaravans (5€/day). Tomorrow we want to do a bicycle ride starting at Moncarapacho, so we drove up there and had a fresh orange juice at a café on the main square of the Church. On our site are many lorries of Dallas Circus with some animals (horses, lamas, camels) - N 37º4.9599’ W 7º45.866 (44 m)

26.02.2012  Motorcaravan Site ARK in Gião/Areias/Moncarapacho - super weather again!

Bicycle ride with Samantha Diamond and Paul Besley with their Sunday Tour. We took off from our site and rode up to Moncarapacho to catch the tour (3 hours, 45 km). It was great but I was dead after that. We had a BBQ and then a relaxing afternoon.

27.02.2012  Moncarapacho - Olhão - Loulé

We drove to Olhão where we parked the motorcaravan at the fisher’s harbour and took off with our bicycles. We rode up to Tavira (32 km) and from there we took the train back to Olhão. After a siesta we drove home because in the evening we had an event to attend in Vilamoura (Rotary Club Loulé dinner at the Hotel Tivoli)

Olhão - Moncarapacho      25-27/02/2012

The renovated house “Ecoteca” next to the Camping in Olhão

Flamingoes in the salines between Olhão and Fuseta