Rota Vicentina (Fishermens’ Trail)

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13.02.2015 : Loulé - Barragem do Monte da Rocha (Ourique) (140 km) cloudy 16ºC

Drive to Porches where we had lunch at the Vila Vita Biergarten and bought some meat at the German butcher next door.

Drive to Ourique where we stopped for some grocery shopping before continuing to Barragem do Monte da Rocha for our overnight stay (very quiet and nice at the reservoir) N37.728157º W 8.296190º.

14.02.2015 : Barragem do Monte da Rocha - Porto Covo - Praia das Furnas (Vila Nova de Milfontes) (98 km) cloudy 16ºC

Drive to Porto Covo. Volker walked to Vila Nova de Milfontes (Fisherman’s trail 1, 20 km, pretty strenuous because of the sandy trails). Julia walked out at the Sitava Milfontes camping and got a taxi from there back to Porto Covo with Taxi Fernando, mobil (+351) 917 219 777 (18,30€). Julia drove to Vila Nova de Milfontes to fetch Volker and we drove to Praia das Furnas where we stayed overnight (quiet but we had rain and storm during the night). N37º43.19’ W 8º46.74’

15.02.2015 : Praia das Furnas - Almograve (12 km) cloudy, rain, in the afternoon some sunshine 15ºC

Walk to Almograve (13 km) partly with rain. With taxi back to Praia das Furnas (14,30€). Drive to the parking of Praia de Almograve where we settled for the afternoon and the night. After lunch we walked the 1,5 km (the other way round) from our parking down to the river and back.  Overnight above the Praia de Almograve N37º39.20’ W8º48.10’

16.02.2015 :  Almograve - Zambujeira do Mar - Porto Covo  (32 km), cloudy, windy, in the afternoon sunshine 16ºC

We started early again this morning and walked all the way from Almograve Praia do Cabo Sardão and Zambujeira do Mar, stopping at the Restaurant O Sacas at Entrada da Barca, just about 4 km before Zambujeira do Mar (not cheap but very good and nice atmosphere). We walked over 20km today, but it was much easier as mostly on firm ground. In Zambujeira do Mar we had a coffee at Café Rita and ordered a taxi (961 540 170) who took us back to Almograve (20€). We then drove to Porto Covo where we settled at the motorcaravan site in town. N37º51’06 W8º47’20”.

17.02.2015 :  Porto Covo - Monchique - Loulé (190 km), stormy, windy, blue sky 15ºC

A stroll through the little town of Porto Covo before driving to Monchique through Odemira. In the Restaurante das Oliveiras we celebrated Klaus’ birthday with Lilo, Myriam and Götz with delicious food.

1. Porto Covo - Vila Nova de Milfontes

Barragem do Monte da Rocha, Ourique

Porto Covo

Forte do Pessegueio, built in 1588

Praia das Furnas (Foz do Rio Mira)

Praia de Almograve

2. Vila Nova de Milfontes - Almograve

A huge mushroom

This place looks like a cemetery or a necropolis with these vertical stones pitching out of the ground

The local laundry and the church of Almograve

Vila Nova de Milfontes

3. Almograve - Zambujeira do Mar

Zambujeira do Mar

Entrada da Barca

Cabo Sardão

Restaurante O Sacas, Zambujeira do Mar

Storks nesting on the cliffs

Porto Covo

View from Porto Covo on Ilha do Pessegueiro (literally island of the Peachtree) with its 15th century fort and Roman ruins

Storks nesting on the cliffs at Cabo Sardão