Enjoying lunch with grilled fresh salmon we bought in Tavira Campground for the PSP (police) open to motorcaravans from November to May. Inexpensive: only 9,90€ per night with electricity

Vaqueiros: festa do queijo e pão quente 2017

Having a coffee with view to the wine garden at the local restaurant


The aire in Ameixial (free of charge and with electricity)

Friday 10.03.2017: Loulé - Manta Rota - Tavira: 76 km, sunny and warm 25ºC

We first drove to Altura but there were many motorcaravans standing outside the village. Apparently it is not allowed anymore to stand on the empty plot just in front of the sea... Drive to Manta Rota where ther eis a nice aire, but it was full! So we drove back to Tavira where we got into the PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública/Public Security Police) Camping which is only open from November to May (9.90€ all included for 2 people) A little bit uneasy to find a good spot, but very nice.


Saturday 11.03.2017: Tavira - lovely weather 24ºC

Walk into town (25 minutes), coffee at the old market place, grocery shopping at Pingo Doce. We then grilled the salmon "at home". Delicious, with a good white wine. Relaxed afternoon.


Sunday 12.03.2017: Tavira-Vaqueiros: 138 km, sunny and then windy in the evening: 22ºC

Drive to Vaqueiros where there was a cheese and bread festival. Lunch in Barranco do Velho at Casa da Bia (very good, open every day for lunch, closed for dinner on Sundays). We then drove to Ameixial. Walk into the village where we managed to get a plain coffee, back on the walk trail. Aire at Ameixial is free of charge. Very windy evening.


Monday 13.03.2017: Ameixial - Loulé: 45 km, sunny 22ºC

Drive back home with lots of wind.


Total: 259  km