San Diego, California, 15/03/2012

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USS Midway aircraft carrier

USS Midway, Sea World, meeting Terri & Mike

15/03/2012: San Diego - Sea World, meeting Mike and Terri

We were to early to go to Sea World so we drove first to the Midway Aircraft carrier from WW2. Is is an imposing vessel with many airplanes and helicopters. We actually only saw it from the pier. Then we drove up to the San Diego Presidio Park which was where San Diego was first settled by soldiers, sailors, Indians and missionaries in 1769. It was so cold this morning but when we got into Sea World it got so hot especially during the shows as the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky. But after a while some clouds. Came up and it got cold again! We saw some awesome shows and exited the park at 17:30. At 18:00 we met with our old friends Mike and Terri and, form the first time, Terri's brother Fred. We had dinner at the mexican Restaurant Fred's in Old Town and tried to catch up with all what had happened since we had seen each other in summer 2008. 

“Unconditional Surrender,” by J. Seward Johnson, is a depiction of a famed 1945 Life magazine photograph taken in Times Square in New York when the end of World War II was announced. This exhibit is temporary in front of the USS Midway. >

San Diego Presidio Site

Soldiers, sailors, indians, and Franciscan missionaries occupied the land at Presidio Hill in May 1769. This is the spot where San Diego was born!

The “Shamu” Show with the killer whale at Sea World.
Isn’t this amazing, this huge animal next to his trainer?

Having dinner at “Fred’s” mexican restaurant with our friends Mike and Terri and Terri’s brother Fred in Old Town, San Diego.